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Danish red hotdogs and
Tuborg to everyone

Guro - Norsk Rockforbund

Roskilde Festival delegation

Kaada gives advice to one of this year's artists

Kaada talks about working
with RF and Patton

Happy Dane in Oslo

Ain't no to young or old...

All photos by Catgirl
copyright 2006

Roskilde Festival Press Meeting Oslo, April 20th
- by Catgirl -

Catgirl signed up for some volunteer work for Norsk Rockforbund in the name of Roskilde Festival. Can't say no to our favorite festival now ey? A pressmeeting was being held in Oslo and Copenhagen at the same time, and we got to listen in to all the exciting news.

Hot dog and "en grøn"

We started out at the club Garage (formerly known as SoWhat) with two big casseroles and a cooker. The Danish delegation from Roskilde were bringing the famous red hot dogs and Catgirl was in charge of getting that "riktig dansk" taste to them. We had been told that whole black peppers, onion and meat broth in the water would do wonders.

Other than preparing a Danish feast of hot dogs and beer Garage was being redecorated with posters, a big RF banner, printouts with pictures from the festival. And flyers everywhere. We got our very own Roskilde T-shirts to wear along with the grins that appeared after reading the flyers. Around 14 everything was set and ready. People were getting their drinks and food, then settling down. Guro from Norsk Rockforbund enters the small stage and welcomes everyone (around 25 people) to the event, telling a bit about what they do for RF. Then it's time for the big news...

The bands

A huge amount of new bands was ready to be annouced and among them were The Strokes, Death Cab For Cutie, Editors, Him, Kaiser Chiefs, Kaizers Orchestra, Damian Jr. Gong Marley and dEUS. Complete bandlist is available at Roskilde's website.

The namedropping continues and they talk about bands in different genres. I am taking some photos in between serving beer and hotdogs. But unfortunately had no chance to take notes on anything. So the following news goes by heart.

The Good, the Bath and the Ugly

Shuttle bus. The word has made us tremble with disgust for a while, but I am here to soothe your quivering little souls. The Caravan camping has been moved to an external area - also known as Luxury Camp! Anyone can buy a tent there and have the newspaper and their breakfast delivered to the tent. Woweee..The only catch about staying in this nice, clean, posh place is that you have to take a bus to the festival area to go to concerts and such. And you don't have to stand in the horrible queue on Sunday morning to camp there, you can come later. That is good.

The bath and the ugly...another VERY good outcome of the endless digging of the gravelpits on the grounds. Roskilde is this year making one of the pits into a little lake where we can swim and frolick in lovely lovely water. There will even be a pool bar. Yes! I am not telling lies.

The other pit will be transformed into a fishing pond (fish are ugly...get it? Ok..bad joke). At this fishing pond you can borrow equipment and get some expert tips on how to fish your own fish, and then a cook helps you turn it into a delicious meal. Funny little deal. I am pretty curious about this one myself. The name of this fantastic event of the year is: Roskilde Swim/Roskilde Fish.

Other news...

Roskilde Lounge will be situated around the area of "Ovalen", but new this year is that they will also include some of the fixed buildings on the grounds for this purpose. Lounge will serve you fresh and hot electronica along with a few numbers of sing-songwriters in very intimate settings.

Like earlier years there will be art and performance acts all over the festival area. You can join discussions or get information from different stands and you can help the world become a better place by giving all your empty bottles to the official collectors. This year your money will be used in the "Act Against Slavery".

After finishing telling us about all the things to expect at this year's festival there was an opening for questions from the press/audience. A few questions were asked - among them whether we can expect major masses of people outside the gates from Sunday morning, and how to get a spot on West. And there will be no big change from last two years, except for those heading for caravan camp. A lot more people will queue up for West this year, and the camping is not any bigger than last year.

Kaada came on stage and told us a little bit about his experience playing with Mike Patton last summer. He told us that they hadn't rehearsed the material with Patton before coming to Denmark, so Roskilde Festival was kind enough to set them up in a great fascility in Copenhagen some days before the show. This being one of the things that made working with the festival a really good experience for the band. He could also tell us that the concert was probably the best he'd ever played and that getting to play gigs in DK is a bit easier now after the show at Roskilde. (Which was Catgirl's absolute favorite concert as well. Read review..)

Later Catgirl had a chance to talk with the happy Danes herself and they're all psyched up to give you the best festival ever this summer. Sunny weather has been ordered...

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