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A small collection of wristbands and various things
Roskilde Backstage

1997 - 2002

Roskilde Festival '99
The first chatmeeting
Chatparty Tønsberg '99
1st official chat party
(hosted by Catgirl)
Party Trelleborg '99
Fredde's party with
Dorte and Angel
Madrugada Weekend '99
Small party in Tønsberg.
Chatparty Klippan 2000
2nd official chatparty (hosted by Angel)
Easterparty 2000
3rd official chatparty.
6 days in a row
(hosted by DD and Cat)
Roskilde Festival 2000
Our 2nd year as the chatgang at RF
Easterparty 2001
A small Easterparty
in Oslo
Roskilde Festival 2001
FistCamp #02
FistCamp #03
Chatmeeting 2001
Fredde 30 party
Some of us went to Trelleborg to celebrate Fredde's 30th birthday
Madrugada Weekend '01
With a couple of sweet Swedes we went to see Madrugada again.
Whiteparty NYE 2001
Vorspiel at PJ's
Whiteparty at Erik & Lisa's on NYE 2001
Århus Weekend April'02
Cat visits Dorte & co.
17th of May Weekend
A long weekend with lots of exciting events and guests
Roskilde Festival 2002
Halloween Party 2002
Halloween Party #1
Halloween Party #2

SoWhat! 2002

Norwegian Wood 2002

Four days of music in one of Oslo's beautiful parks.

Arvika Festival 2002
OSF Camp
Oslo Synthfestival 2002
9. November at Betong
Tori Amos - Hamburg'03
A Sorta Fairytale
Norwegian Wood 2003
Saturday 14. June
Sunday 15. June
Roskilde Festival 2003

SoWhat! Camp

Arvika Festival 2003
Roskilde Festival 2004

Miscellaneous #1
Miscellaneous #2
Concerts Thurs/Fri
Concerts Sat/Sun

Roserock 2004


Roskilde Festival 2004 - Concerts Thursday/Friday
Thursday - We started off after the chatparty with hatebreed as the first band. Some rumors said they had cancelled, but that was not true. They did however have some problems with water and electricity mixed together because of the rain. A very humble Hatebreed still succeeded in getting things to work and the concert was pretty good. Hatebreed did a little Metallica cover that everyone enjoyed. They also had a meet and greet in the merch stall :)
Next band was something much bigger and more anticipated than Hatebreed. ARE YOU READY?
Angel was, and the KORN concert became one of the coolest concerts this year. Much thanks to Angel who were doin her little freaky dance throughout the entire concert.
KORN rocked! And like Hatebreed, they paid their homage to Metallica. Everyone in the crowd went nuts and soon everyone were jumping and dancing around. In addition they did a wicked cover of Pink Floyd's "We don't need no education". That was the best for me...
Charming little thing was that one of the band members actually wore a Hatebreed T-shirt on stage :)
And Jonathan Davis was excellent with his bagpipes. I was very impressed actually. Great concert!
Friday - Silver at Arena. This was the first time they've ever played a big stage like that, and their first time playing at Roskilde too. But they did a good job moving the crowd, and the visual looked very good. Some problems with the sound made the volume a bit to loud for my ears, but everyone around me seemed very satisfied. Later on Silver met Jonathan Davis backstage. >> Read the interview with Silver
Within Temptation were really not my cup of tea. Though I like a lot of Lacuna Coil, to whom they've been compared, this is just whining to my ears.
Photo: Jens Baier. But visually they seemed to have a firm grip on what they were doing, and it all looked very good. But unfortunately I just couldn't stand there too long, and wandered off backstage for some food and beer.
Meshuggah. I'm sorry guys..I am sure they're very very good, but this concert was outright boooring. The music was technically good, but doing this kind of show in broad daylight just didn't work out very well. Also the singer seemed unhappy with the audience for not responding too well. Not very smart move. Next time Roskilde...remember to put the metal bands on stage AFTER dark...
Shake that ass! Ill Nino held one of the best concerts at Roskilde this year. I like their music and they do great work on stage to get everybody excited. They played both songs from their new album and some older stuff that's really great. My favorite song "Liar" was actually the climax of the concert.
They held a speech. A long speech about how they do not agree to the politics run by the Bush administration, and how they admire the Nordic countries for being more independant and thinking for themselves. Then he presented the last song: "I would like to dedicate this song to President George W. Bush....LIIIIAAAR". Got me goin alright :)
Slipknot. They should have played at Arena. Same "problem" as with Meshuggah - they're not really a daylight band. I didn't know much of their music when I went to the concert, and I didn't even know if I would like it at all.
As it turned out, I had heard a couple of songs..and Slipknot had turned into a darker version of StoneSour...and that..I can like. The show was a bit uneven due to the band playing both old and new material that doesn't really sound the same, but it was a great concert. It made me go see them again in Oslo in October with Slayer and Mastodon.
And thankfully the weather gods were being nice to us during these concerts. Friday was to be the greatest concert day this year with soooo many bands to catch. I was running back and forth..almost no time for beer.
The crowd started lining up early for the two most anticipated concerts of the festival - NERD and THE PIXIES. We heard about one song at Nerd, but it was just like listening to the radio..and way too many people. So off to Orange to wait for Pixies.
After all these years I was finally going to see Pixies live. I have often said "If I could chose any band to see live even if they don't excist would have to be the Pixies". And now they were there....on Orange stage at Roskilde. Pinch me!
The concert was a roller coaster ride into Pixies entire back-catalogue. All the hits were there, and we were all singing along with tears in our eyes and goosebumps all over.
It was that genuine Roskilde concert feeling...
"I will never be this happy again".
After the Pixies I had planned to go to bed, but instead we ended up listening to the Hives. I've never really taken to their music, but seeing them live was pretty neat. There's absolutely something "Jagger-ish" going on with the singer and he brought a smile to our lips more than once with his outbursts. So we stayed for a few songs "short and sweet like you like it.."