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1997 - 2002

Roskilde Festival '99
The first chatmeeting
Chatparty Tønsberg '99
1st official chat party
(hosted by Catgirl)
Party Trelleborg '99
Fredde's party with
Dorte and Angel
Madrugada Weekend '99
Small party in Tønsberg.
Chatparty Klippan 2000
2nd official chatparty (hosted by Angel)
Easterparty 2000
3rd official chatparty.
6 days in a row
(hosted by DD and Cat)
Roskilde Festival 2000
Our 2nd year as the chatgang at RF
Easterparty 2001
A small Easterparty
in Oslo
Roskilde Festival 2001
FistCamp #02
FistCamp #03
Chatmeeting 2001
Fredde 30 party
Some of us went to Trelleborg to celebrate Fredde's 30th birthday
Madrugada Weekend '01
With a couple of sweet Swedes we went to see Madrugada again.
Whiteparty NYE 2001
Vorspiel at PJ's
Whiteparty at Erik & Lisa's on NYE 2001
Århus Weekend April'02
Cat visits Dorte & co.
17th of May Weekend
A long weekend with lots of exciting events and guests
Roskilde Festival 2002
Halloween Party 2002
Halloween Party #1
Halloween Party #2

SoWhat! 2002

Norwegian Wood 2002

Four days of music in one of Oslo's beautiful parks.

Arvika Festival 2002
OSF Camp
Oslo Synthfestival 2002
9. November at Betong
Tori Amos - Hamburg'03
A Sorta Fairytale
Norwegian Wood 2003
Saturday 14. June
Sunday 15. June
Roskilde Festival 2003

SoWhat! Camp

Arvika Festival 2003
Roskilde Festival 2004

Miscellaneous #1
Miscellaneous #2
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Concerts Sat/Sun

Roserock 2004


Roskilde Festival 2003 - Chatmeeting 5th anniversary
Here we are again. Five years since that first time I stood waiting for a group of people I had never met before outside the chatroom. And to stand there and know that some of those same people would be turning up, as they have the past four years...Now that's some powerful stuff you got going there!
There are many differences from that first time compared to now. I know most of the people showing up, there's reporters filming and interviewing us, we know what's going to happen the hours to come and we know we'll see eachother again...and again...and again.
To mark the occasion I had made special 5th anniversary bagdes for us to give to everyone. If everyone had come we would have counted around 50 people! Wow...
I can reveal that I only had 40 badges, and a total of 20 people of the chatgang attended the meeting. Also Forssis, who has another Roskilde fan site, showed up just to say hi! Now that was really cool :)
And who came ?

From the 1999 gang - 7 out of 16 people showed up this year
From the 2000 gang - 5 out of 15 people showed up this year
From the 2001 gang - 3 out of 6 people showed up this year
From the 2002 gang - 3 out of 8 people showed up this year
From the 2003 prospects - 2 new people showed up
Not bad at all. After standing by the fence for quite some time delivering out badges, hugging people, being interviewed, being cast for filming and greeting old and new friends, we moved over to the green grass to sit down and hold our "palaver" as Roland the Gunslinger would have said.
The usual collection of money was done by myself this year and I got Friedel and LeBear as volunteer carriers of beer. After counting the money we had enough for 3 crates and 2 - 3 Smirnoff Ice bottles to top it.
There were lots of happy faces when we returned to the gang, who was now a much bigger number than 20 since everyone had brought their friends as well. The more people - the more money for beer....Never a bad thing.
A reporter, a cameraman and a producer/actor from VisitFilm was filming a movie about a backpacker that goes to Roskilde and how he experiences a lot of exciting things there...among joining the fameous chatgang :). Andy who was making the movie visited us briefly and we were being cast into roles rather than just filmed. Not everyone felt comfortable about that, and I hope you guys survived it.
After a while all journalists and cameramen were off and away and we were once more just the chatgang and their friends drinking beers and having a helluva good time in eachothers company.
I think everyone was very pleased with the meeting and seeing eachother again. At least all I could see was smiles and people hugging and talking vividly amongst themselves.
I spent a lot of time talking to the Germans..hehe. LeBear and Friedel are both very recent aquiantances, so I took some time to sit and learn more about their history and present. I also had a nice chat with Püffi, whom I see and speak to far too seldom these days. So that was a good one! It was also great to see Dorte, Fredde, Delfie and all the other well-known faces that I don't get to meet in my daily life home in Oslo.
Thankfully, the weather was brilliant as ever during the entire meeting and sunfactor was passed around quite frequently.
And what did we talk about? Everything and usual. We discussed the changes at the festival, the concerts, what we do when we're not at Roskilde, how's your daughter?, do you have a boyfriend now?, where do you camp?...all those things and a hundred more...
Or we would just sit there, drink our beer and look at eachother and smile for a while - knowing that this would be the best party of the entire festival. It always is to me at least.
The gates opened at 1700 as usual, but we didn't pay much attention to that either.
We still had beers to drink and enough to talk about for a while longer.
I wish we could've sit the entire night like that. It always seem to come to and end so quickly. It's such bliss to be with everyone again.
The people remain the same, save for a few new people every year, but the internal relations change all the time.
And with all those intrigues I am happy we still manage to keep it together.
Through the years people have met at the chat and become friends, lovers, started relationships, moved in together and moved out too. And this year would be no different.
Someone came to the chatmeeting with a secret.. (No..NOT Kjella and Sti!)
But these two here... And you will have to click on the picture to learn about it of course.
After spending 5 hours with eachother, the meeting slowly disolved.
There were concerts to attend and more beers to drink.
So saying our goodbyes somewhere around 1800 we were scattered all over the place. Some heading back to camp to get ready for the concerts, some going straight to the festival area and others going to eat.
And that was the end of this year's chatmeeting. See ya'll next year hopefully.