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A small collection of wristbands and various things
Roskilde Backstage

1997 - 2002

Roskilde Festival '99
The first chatmeeting
Chatparty Tønsberg '99
1st official chat party
(hosted by Catgirl)
Party Trelleborg '99
Fredde's party with
Dorte and Angel
Madrugada Weekend '99
Small party in Tønsberg.
Chatparty Klippan 2000
2nd official chatparty (hosted by Angel)
Easterparty 2000
3rd official chatparty.
6 days in a row
(hosted by DD and Cat)
Roskilde Festival 2000
Our 2nd year as the chatgang at RF
Easterparty 2001
A small Easterparty
in Oslo
Roskilde Festival 2001
FistCamp #02
FistCamp #03
Chatmeeting 2001
Fredde 30 party
Some of us went to Trelleborg to celebrate Fredde's 30th birthday
Madrugada Weekend '01
With a couple of sweet Swedes we went to see Madrugada again.
Whiteparty NYE 2001
Vorspiel at PJ's
Whiteparty at Erik & Lisa's on NYE 2001
Århus Weekend April'02
Cat visits Dorte & co.
17th of May Weekend
A long weekend with lots of exciting events and guests
Roskilde Festival 2002
Halloween Party 2002
Halloween Party #1
Halloween Party #2

SoWhat! 2002

Norwegian Wood 2002

Four days of music in one of Oslo's beautiful parks.

Arvika Festival 2002
OSF Camp
Oslo Synthfestival 2002
9. November at Betong
Tori Amos - Hamburg'03
A Sorta Fairytale
Norwegian Wood 2003
Saturday 14. June
Sunday 15. June
Roskilde Festival 2003

SoWhat! Camp

Arvika Festival 2003
Roskilde Festival 2004

Miscellaneous #1
Miscellaneous #2
Concerts Thurs/Fri
Concerts Sat/Sun

Roserock 2004


Roskilde Festival 2001 - Fistcamp #02
Almost every morning in FistCamp we were awakened by the German neighbours playing German marches and marching outside their camp with a sword! Sorry Püffi, but some of your fellow countrymen are such idiots!!! Especially these guys!!!! They later on threathened to burn down our tents.
While we had to endure German marches for a quite long time each day, the Germans had to endure our endlessly sing-along jamming sessions in our camp. There was not a day without singing the same songs and banging away on that bongo drum for hours on end.
Stig managed to do a "Fredde2" (meaning: falling asleep in one of the blue toilets pissed drunk) and scared the shit out of MayLiss when he didn't return to camp after the SouthPark movie. So today he's wearing yellow so we won't loose him, and the "sorry i fucked up"- roses are in MayLiss' lap!
Bongo bongo
Surprisingly many from the chat managed to find FistCamp on their own. One after another stubled into our camp day and night. Some people we just met around the area, not knowing they camped that close to us.
The best part of being in FistCamp was just sitting there with all these lovely people, listening to music (or making it ourselves) and have a few beers. Though we were less people that came to the festival this year, FistCamp was still full!
And just as last year there were people who brought their drums and just sat down and played with us for a little while before they wandered off to the next little gig.

Both Frank and PJ had brought guitars, and the two drums were bought when the stalls opened. We did try to play CD's for a couple of days, but gave it up as the batteries just went flat in notime.

Smooooochie! Peace and Love in FistCamp
After Stig and MayLiss bought the beerpool we always had a big supply of cold beer. People coming to our camp even got to trade their warm beers for our deliciously cold ones. And into the pool with the warm cool them down.
I think MayLiss actually would've liked to bath in that pool, but we all figured it served a better purpose as beer- and fotpool.
One of the late nights in FistCamp before the festival started we had a very onetrack session of drumming. Those of you coming from Norway are well familiar with "Åpen post" and the term "Midtnytt"....right?
Well...for several hours we played those drums in a certain beat singing the one word song of FistCamp...."dunkadunkadunk MIDTNYTT dunkadunkadunk MIDTNYTT...." I guess the neighbours didn't approve too much, cuz the next day one of our drums was stolen. But PJ just bought a new one hours later!!!