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A small collection of wristbands and various things
Roskilde Backstage

1997 - 2002

Roskilde Festival '99
The first chatmeeting
Chatparty Tønsberg '99
1st official chat party
(hosted by Catgirl)
Party Trelleborg '99
Fredde's party with
Dorte and Angel
Madrugada Weekend '99
Small party in Tønsberg.
Chatparty Klippan 2000
2nd official chatparty (hosted by Angel)
Easterparty 2000
3rd official chatparty.
6 days in a row
(hosted by DD and Cat)
Roskilde Festival 2000
Our 2nd year as the chatgang at RF
Easterparty 2001
A small Easterparty
in Oslo
Roskilde Festival 2001
FistCamp #02
FistCamp #03
Chatmeeting 2001
Fredde 30 party
Some of us went to Trelleborg to celebrate Fredde's 30th birthday
Madrugada Weekend '01
With a couple of sweet Swedes we went to see Madrugada again.
Whiteparty NYE 2001
Vorspiel at PJ's
Whiteparty at Erik & Lisa's on NYE 2001
Århus Weekend April'02
Cat visits Dorte & co.
17th of May Weekend
A long weekend with lots of exciting events and guests
Roskilde Festival 2002
Halloween Party 2002
Halloween Party #1
Halloween Party #2

SoWhat! 2002

Norwegian Wood 2002

Four days of music in one of Oslo's beautiful parks.

Arvika Festival 2002
OSF Camp
Oslo Synthfestival 2002
9. November at Betong
Tori Amos - Hamburg'03
A Sorta Fairytale
Norwegian Wood 2003
Saturday 14. June
Sunday 15. June
Roskilde Festival 2003

SoWhat! Camp

Arvika Festival 2003
Roskilde Festival 2004

Miscellaneous #1
Miscellaneous #2
Concerts Thurs/Fri
Concerts Sat/Sun

Roserock 2004


Arvika Festival 2003 - Concerts
Thursday was the first night and we managed to catch parts of Björk, Chicks on Speed and Gothminister. The latter was so hard to get into, because there were so many people there. Good concert.

Saturday started with Colony 5 (picture).
Most of the people from Oslo showed up at this concert
In the beginning they sounded terrible, but it got a bit better as the concert went along. Good concert all in all, and you could see people were really having a wonderful time dancing and smiling.
DAF was cancelled, and HIM was moved from Apollo to Vintergatan (main stage) and played earlier than planned. So we ended up hearing HIM from the beer tent, and they sound as awful live as they've done before. Get back to the studio guys! And stay there!
Ministry played at Vintergatan also just before midnight. And that was an entire different concert. Though the singer looked like Axl Rose for some weird reason, the music was absolutely to my satisfaction. And of course when they played "So What" I had to sing along.
Ministry has a very metallic feel to the sound, more so live than the studio material, and it's almost like listening to very heavy music with the bass turned off. Strange, but not bad in any way really. It was a fun concert and I had to get back to camp to rest afterwards after dancing so much.
Someone who hasn't turned their bass off is Soulfly.
It was absolutely the best concert of this festival. Of course, I didn't see that many concerts, but I am sure a vast majority will agree with me.
From the first song the people in front was thrashing around and jumping like crazy. Fists in the air and screaming "SOULFLY SOULFLY SOULFLY" on command.
They played a great concert. I saw them in Oslo in January this year, but that concert was NOTHING compared to this riot.
One of the coolest songs live are of course "Tribe". Playing his weird instrument in the beginning, followed by beating of drums that makes your skin crawl. There's just something SO fundamental about those drums that goes straight to your heart, stomach and feet.
It is impossible to stand still at a Soulfly concert. Before you know it you're stamping your feet, shaking your ass and nodding your head and singing "back to the primitive..fuck all your politics.."
Though the music is more than enough to get people going crazy, Max and Marcello try their very best to get the audience into a frenzy by shouting Soulfly every fifth minute and encouring to both jumping and clapping you hands to pieces. And it's fuuuun!
Now this is how you treat a crowd...and your instruments. Whoooooha! Sorry..I mean...SOOOOOOUUUULFLYYYY!