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Roskilde Backstage

1997 - 2002

Roskilde Festival '99
The first chatmeeting
Chatparty Tønsberg '99
1st official chat party
(hosted by Catgirl)
Party Trelleborg '99
Fredde's party with
Dorte and Angel
Madrugada Weekend '99
Small party in Tønsberg.
Chatparty Klippan 2000
2nd official chatparty (hosted by Angel)
Easterparty 2000
3rd official chatparty.
6 days in a row
(hosted by DD and Cat)
Roskilde Festival 2000
Our 2nd year as the chatgang at RF
Easterparty 2001
A small Easterparty
in Oslo
Roskilde Festival 2001
FistCamp #02
FistCamp #03
Chatmeeting 2001
Fredde 30 party
Some of us went to Trelleborg to celebrate Fredde's 30th birthday
Madrugada Weekend '01
With a couple of sweet Swedes we went to see Madrugada again.
Whiteparty NYE 2001
Vorspiel at PJ's
Whiteparty at Erik & Lisa's on NYE 2001
Århus Weekend April'02
Cat visits Dorte & co.
17th of May Weekend
A long weekend with lots of exciting events and guests
Roskilde Festival 2002
Halloween Party 2002
Halloween Party #1
Halloween Party #2

SoWhat! 2002

Norwegian Wood 2002

Four days of music in one of Oslo's beautiful parks.

Arvika Festival 2002
OSF Camp
Oslo Synthfestival 2002
9. November at Betong
Tori Amos - Hamburg'03
A Sorta Fairytale
Norwegian Wood 2003
Saturday 14. June
Sunday 15. June
Roskilde Festival 2003

SoWhat! Camp

Arvika Festival 2003
Roskilde Festival 2004

Miscellaneous #1
Miscellaneous #2
Concerts Thurs/Fri
Concerts Sat/Sun

Roserock 2004


17. May Weekend (Norwegian National Day)
Because of some Christian holiday the 17th of May weekend turned into a longweekend, with lots of things going on in Oslo. Angel came from Sweden to visit us and to take part in all the fun.
On Thursday 16th of May (Big partynight in Norway) we had a party at our place. Earlier that night I was at a dinner with my job, so I went from one party to the next.
When Gry and me came home to our place, quite a lot of people were there already. I had promised Angel that we would go to SoWhat.
We stayed at our place for some time, then Angel, Aurora and me took a taxi to town and headed for SoWhat. The others stayed at our place continuing the party.
There were people still arriving the party as we went downtown.
The mood was good, and especially with Angel visiting, this was a brilliant start for a long and lovely weekend.
On the 17. May we had planned to go somewhere so that Angel could experience how the National Day is celebrated in Norway. But as the night proceeded we did not take that into consideration.
Waking up the next day we decided that the celebration of the National Day was not as important as the forthcoming Black Celebration at John Dee (Gotham Nights) the same evening. So we watched it all on telly, quite hungover.
After a while we agreed to go to Cuba for the alternative celebration, and so we did.
We were just sitting in the grass longing for a cold beer, listening to the bands, looking after a lost child and then finally we could go home and get ready for Gotham Nights.
Aurora came over and joined us, and we stayed for some time at our place before heading for John Dee in a taxi.
At John Dee we found a nice spot, bought some beers and waited for the Mortiis concert to start. The concert was okay, but we were really tired and just sat there not so entusiastic about the whole thing.
After the concert Angel and me decided to go to SoWhat, while Aurora went to Rock In and Elm Street.
After one beer at SoWhat we were almost falling asleep, and we went home a bit earlier than planned, well knowing we would be out partying the next day as well.
Saturday the 18th we went to the Tattoo Convention at Rockefeller, and later we went out at SoWhat again. This time a little more awake, spending a few hours at an afterparty as well.
On Sunday Angel went back to Sweden and I went for a walk in the park with Anne, promising I would not go out that night. Then breaking my promise after just a few minutes. And it was a looooooong night out. Good thing I didn't have to work on Monday.